Our modern and well-equipped range of machinery makes production extremely flexible and versatile, allowing us to accept and satisfy any type of request in a short space of time.

Procedures summary

Through using automatic and mechanical CNC presses at different pressures, a mixture of cemented carbide particles is first compressed into special moulds. These are also available in complex structures in order to further reduce post-processing phases of the raw material.

In some cases, the green material produced (what has been pressed and pre-sintered) will then go through a further process of cutting, drilling, milling or turning, allowing us to make shapes that would otherwise be difficult to obtain using a mould. It then undergoes its final and most important process: sintering.

During this final process, carbide crystals are combined with cobalt or nickel at temperatures over 1400°C, producing different heat-resistant compounds which are extremely hard or strong.

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