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As well as specialising in the manufacture of cemented carbides, we aim to guarantee you a long-lasting working relationship!

"Most of the difficulties in any activity can be extinguished with passion."
(Erasmus of Rotterdam)

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19 mars 2014
al 22 mars 2014

Grindtec 2014

 Thank you very much for visiting our stand!!


Advice and design

Thanks to the expertise of our technicians, modern IT support and extensive experience in the field, Sigmacarb is able to offer you a design service that aims ...

Quality control and laboratory analysis

To guarantee high quality standards for our products, quality checks are carried out in every phase of the production process right through to the finished ...


The creation of a high performance product begins with choosing the right mix of materials for your needs. Cemented carbides are made using different ...


We can offer you interesting and personalised storage solutions for your products at no extra cost, which can be modified at any time.

This ...

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